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Patio Cleaning

Over the years we have cleaned many patios across the north east. Most patios are constantly under 'attack' from weeds, moss and algae. Our powerful jet washing equipment will easily remove this surface growth without causing damage to any pointing.

We can pressure wash patios laid with all types of materials, such as block paving, crazy paving, pattern imprinted concrete or sandstone slabs. We do this by using cold water only, without the use of any abrasive chemicals.

The pressure cleaning machines used by us run at over 200bar/2800psi. This has more than enough power to wash off the dirtiest of patio areas. We are the approved installers for Smartseal paving sealers for the north east. By applying the sealer to your patio we can help prevent the re-growth of algae, moss and lichen on the surface.

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If you have a patio that needs cleaning and/or sealing please call 0800 988 0348. You can also contact us online by clicking here.